BrightBeam Ultra 7 Watt Green Laser

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  • Up to 7 watts (adjustable, instant on, no cool down)
  • 525 nm
  • Adjustable beam size
  • 2 metre cable length
  • Compact, but rugged and light weight (10 lbs. without case and 15 lbs. with case)
  • Freedom from cables and cords with batteries that can be quickly switched out
  • Illuminate latent prints using the complete array of chemicals RAY, RAM, MBD, DFO, Rhodamine 6G, Basic Yellow and many more

Kit includes the Ultra Laser system, rugged carry case, two SMART Li-ion batteries, battery charger, auxiliary DC power supply input and googles.

Options include extra battery packs (3 slots available for extended run times), car charger & custom cable lengths.