Forensic Entomology Kit

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Forensic entomology plays an increasingly important role in determining the time and place of human death, based on a study of insects and other arthropods found on a body at time of discovery. This forensic kit is designed for use by law enforcement agencies, forensic experts and consulting entomologists. It contains all basic equipment, supplies and instructions necessary to collect, preserve and document insects needed by investigators.

The kit provides items for gathering evidence as outlined in Entomology and Death, A Procedural Guide. It contains:


  • 12″ diameter folding net with 12″ handle extension & grip
  • Trowel for soil sampling
  • 12 Whirlpack specimen bags, 6 x 9″
  • 25 glass vials with black caps, 4 dram
  • 50 self-adhesive labels, 1 x 1-1/2″
  • 50 plain labels, 1 x 1-1/2″
  • Fine point forceps, curved tip
  • Fine point forceps, straight tip
  • Pliable, featherweight larvae forceps
  • 4 oz. collecting bottle
  • Ethyl acetate killing fluid, 2 oz. dropper bottle
  • 4 pair latex surgical gloves, large
  • Dual scale thermometer, 6″
  • 4 plastic larvae emerging containers with lids
  • 4 pieces aluminum foil, 9 x 11″
  • Packet of vermiculite
  • 2 plastic bottles for 70% ethyl alcohol, 4 oz.
    Note: ethyl alcohol not included in kit
  • Packet of cotton balls
  • 28-page instruction booklet

Equipment is packed in a gray, high-impact plastic tool box, 16-5/8 x 3-1/4 x 7-1/8″, with latch, handle and locking hasp (lock not included).



Please note: Kits contain ethyl acetate, designated a hazardous material and  can only be shipped by  ground service.

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