Liquid Sampling Kit

SirchieSKU: M-24009

Size: 250 ml
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Many protocols for the collection, transport, and storage of hazardous substances, including those often found at clandestine meth labs, recommend or require placing the substance in a glass jar and then placing the jar inside a Nalgene jar. The use of leak proof glass and Nalgene jars helps to enhance the safety of all personnel and preserve the evidence. Each of the Sirchie Liquid Sampling Kits is designed to have a glass jar that fits perfectly into a Nalgene jar with pipettes for collection of the substance.

30 ml kit includes:

12- 30ml Nalgene Bottles

12- 4ml Glass Vials

12- Disposable Pipettes

60 ml kit includes:

12- 60ml Nalgene Bottles

12- 12ml Glass Vials

12- Disposable Pipettes

125 ml kit includes:

12- 125ml Nalgene Bottles

12- 16ml Glass Vials

12- Disposable Pipettes

250 ml kit includes:

12- 250ml Nalgene Bottles

12- 30ml Glass Vials

12- Disposable Pipettes

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