Sirchie Acid Yellow 7 Dye Stain, 8oz

SirchieSKU: H-2407

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Acid Yellow 7 is a dye solution mixture that is used for staining fingerprints and shoeprints made in blood. These blood prints are stained yellow after treatment with Acid Yellow 7 and then fluoresce under blue/blue-green light. Acid Yellow 7 is not suitable for use on absorbent surfaces like paper, carton material, sheets or carpet. It works very well on non-absorbent backgrounds such as linoleum, glass, tile or painted surfaces.

Before staining, blood prints should be fixed to prevent them from running and causing loss of detail when the Acid Yellow solution is applied. Fix with a 2% solution of 5-sulphosalicylic acid.

Acid Yellow is supplied in an 8 oz bottle with spray head.

12 month shelf life.

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