Adhesive Side Powder Kit

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This kit contains all the components necessary to develop latent prints on the adhesive surface of tapes, labels and similar surfaces. Adhesive-side powder yields excellent results on duct tape, plastic tapes (clear, frosted and opaque), paper labels and tapes (except those with water-activated adhesives), vinyl packing labels and paper-backed adhesive labels. Poor to excellent results are possible on cloth surgical tape (excellent fidelity but low contrast). The TRA20 adhesive tape release agent allows tangled tape to be released without damage to latent prints which may be present. Complete instructions are included.

ASP150 Adhesive-Side Powder Kit includes:

1 - ASP50D Dark Adhesive-Side Powder, 50g

1 - ASP50L Light Adhesive Side Powder, 50g

1 - ASP10 EZFLO Super Concentrate, 6 oz

1 - TRA20 Adhesive Tape Releae Agent, 1 oz

1 - KCP300 LPDE Bottle with Cap, 6 oz

2 - 118L Regular Powder Brushes

2 - KCP139 Plastic Tweezers

1 - KCP301 Rinse Basin

2 - KCP302 Mixing Bowl with Lid

1 - KCP303 Measuring Spoon, 1 tsp

1 - Instructions for TRA20

1 - ASP501 Texturized, Molded, Plastic carrying Case

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