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Located between raised strips in the front and in the back, the Air ChannelsTM allow restriction free vertical air flow. As a result, hot and moist air can escape upward in a natural convection movement while being replaced by fresh air coming from below.

That is what makes AirVest’s unmatched efficiency.

Adjustable sizes

Instead of having to find the perfect fit among the whole range of body armor's sizes, AirVest offers simply 3 adjustable sizes: small, medium and large. The hooks and loops shoulder straps allow to adjust the height while the elastic bands on the sides can be set to the needed width. Finding the right size is a breeze. Basically, your AirVest’s size should be the same as the primary size of your body armour. For instance, a medium regular, medium tall or medium large vest should be matched with a medium AirVest. The AirVest doesn’t have to cover the entire surface of the body armor in order to perform properly. It is better to choose a smaller AirVest than a too large one exceeding your vest's cover. Our size chart makes it easy to confirm which size is right for you.

Three ways to use AirVest

1- Under the shirt : This way, the only fabric layer that can get wet against the body is your T-shirt. That is the most effective way to stay dry in extreme heat conditions.

2- Over the shirt : Easy to put on and to take off with the detachable elastic bands on the sides.

3- On the body armor : Provided with each AirVest, our especially designed screwback pins and velcro attachments will keep it firmly in place without damaging the bullet proof vest’s cover. The thin 1mm wide pins glide through the cover’s fabric and the tip is then protected by a screw button. The hooks and loops shoulder straps can also be linked to mating attachments found on most covers. This way, AirVest becomes part of your body armor and you won’t even have to think about it.

This is by far the most convenient way to use AirVest!

Care and cleaning

AirVest is machine washable at delicate cycle and it dries quickly by hanging.

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