Basic Entomology Kit

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This kit provides the essential tools for collecting entomological evidence, and is designed to be added to an existing CSI kit or stand on its own.

ENT200 Contents:

1– ENTEA2 1 oz. Kill Solution

1– ENTEAS2 5 oz. Preservation solution

1– Kill jar with cotton balls

1– Maggot Box with vermiculite

6– 4” x 10” poly bags

1– Digital thermometer

1– Scalpel

1– Sharpie, fine point, black

1– Mechanical pencil

1– Spoonula

1– Plastic spoon

5– Pairs nitrile gloves, large

1– Fine tipped soft brush

10– 4 dram glass jars

1- Plastic tweezers

1– 12” square of aluminum foil

1– Pack of 100 Evidence strips

10– Biohazard labels

2– Chain of Custody labels

1– Set of Entomology protocol sheets

10– ID cards

1- PPS400 Scale (black on white)

1– PPS403 Scale (white on black)

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