BlueView Gunpowder Particle Test Kits

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The BlueView™ Gunpowder Particle Test Kit is a fast, reliable field test for detection of trace nitrates found in gunpowder. When a weapon is fired gunpowder is blown back in the direction of the shooter and trace amounts of these residues are deposited on the shooter’s firing hand. Detection of these trace residues can give valuable information regarding whether or not a particular person has recently fired a weapon. SIRCHIE® has developed this presumptive field test kit in a simple-to-use pouch format that can be deployed without any specialized training or equipment and results appear in seconds. This new format will allow for presumptive on-the-spot testing at crime scenes or anywhere a suspect may be apprehended. Simply press the special collection lifter against the back and palm surfaces of both the suspect’s hands. Place the included ampoule in the center of the lifter and return to the pouch. Fold over the top of the pouch, replace the clip and crush the ampoule. Shake well. If gunpowder particles are present, blue specks and/or smears will appear within 3 to 6 minutes.


10- Crushable Ampoules

10- Gunpowder Particle Collection Lifters

1- Straight handle magnifier

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