Bullet-Hole Testing Kit (BTK), Mini Kit & Kit Re-Fills

SKU: SH-4308

Packages: Mini Test Kit
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Available to purchase:

    • Full kit and carrying case - includes 10 vials of each solvent and reagent (copper & lead).

    • Full Re-fill kit - includes 10 vials of each solvent and reagent to re-stock the carrying case.

    • Single Re-fill kits - includes 10 vials of any solvent or reagent (please specify).

    • Mini Kit - includes 1 vial of each solvent and reagent, papers, small zip-lock bags and instruction page.
A portable laboratory for rapid ID of bullet holes. The identification of bullet holes may be very important in the investigation of criminal cases involving the use of firearms. These bullet holes are usually characterized by the presence of metals (mainly lead and copper) originating from the bullet’s outer surfaces in the margins of these holes. Using our Bullet Hole Testing (BTK) Master Kit can help the investigator identify the caliber and direction from which the bullet was fired. The test is performed by applying a few drops of reagents on Benchkote® paper (plastic-backed filter paper) and applying it to the suspected bullet hole. The test reagents are contained within glass ampoules in specially designed protective plastic tubes, making the process safe for the operator, as there is no direct contact with the chemicals when the ampoule is broken. The 4-step process takes 3-4 minutes from the time of sampling until final results are obtained, enabling quick screening of large numbers of suspected bullet holes. The kit has been designed for simplicity of operation and can be used at a crime scene by any technician or non-scientific personnel with some basic training. Several bullet holes can be examined at each crime scene using only one set of test tubes.

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