Chemical Resistant Spray Bottle

Latent ForensicsSKU: M-2904

size: 32 oz
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These sprayers have a higher output than standard trigger sprayers. Great chemical resistance. Adjustable nozzle to a more accurate flow control. Provides finest mist to a jet stream. FKM o-ring and piston cup. Not for bleach or chlorinated solvents.

    • HDPE bottle

    • Polypropylene sprayer included

    • FKM O-ring & piston cup

    • 3-finger trigger for comfort

    • 24 & 32 oz. have oz./ml graduations

    • Higher output than standard sprayers

    • Not for bleach or chlorinated solvents

    • 28/400 neck size

    • 1.4ml per stroke

    • Adjustable nozzle: mist to jet stream

Price per bottle

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