Combustible Gas Detector

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The CGD8800X is a general purpose combustible hydrocarbons detector that may be used for detecting most combustible gas or vapors at suspected arson and fire scenes. This lightweight and fully portable instrument will locate quickly minute concentrations of combustible hydrocarbons and the presence of hazardous vapors at suspect arson scenes to levels as low as five PPM (parts per million).

An invaluable tool for many unforeseeable and unexpected situations and no investigative department is fully equipped without one. The CGD8800X Combustible Gas Detector indicates the strength of the vapor source on an LED-based bar graph display. It emits a clicking signal (similar to a Geiger counter), whose frequency increases as the concentration of the combustible gas increases. The sensing head is located at the end of a 15“ gooseneck-style extension arm that easily folds into the case for efficient storage and transport. The unit includes a carrying case, rechargeable batteries, a recharger, and 5 each SIRCHIE® Reference Standard Pads for field verification of the CGD8800X.

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