Compass Rose/Azimuth Board

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Compass Rose/Azimuth Boards are used for creating detailed crime scene sketches.


  • Made of durable 1/16" thick plastic
  • Measures 12" x 12"
  • Holes included in the center and at all four corners for securing to surfaces
  • Black background with white markings provide excellent contrast for maximum legibility
  • Graduated by degrees with large number designations every 10 degrees

How to Use:

  1. Securely anchor the Compass Rose device to the ground in a location central to the crime scene.
  2. If possible, drive a steel spike into the ground so that this location can be easily found at a later time with a metal detector.
  3. Also, record the exact GPS coordinates of latitude and longitude of the center of the Compass Rose using a GPS device or phone app.
  4. Locate Magnetic North with a compass and rotate the Compass Rose so that 0/360 degrees is pointing North.
  5. Measure the angle and distance from the center of the Compass Rose to each object of evidentiary interest at the crime scene.
  6. If evidence is found above or below the surface of the ground also record this information.
  7. A detailed sketch can now be made of the crime scene using the information recorded above.

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