CoolPax™ Vests Cooling Vest

SKU: PE-9913

Size: Extra Inserts (pack of 4)
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CoolPax™ Vests are designed to be worn under Tyvek suits to provide relief from heat while processing scenes in hot environments.  The system includes a vest constructed to hold 4 cooling inserts.  The cooling inserts are made with a Phase Change Material (PCM) -a non-toxic, carbon based material, with a high heat of fusion. Simply put, PCM absorbs heat as it changes from solid to liquid PCM.  The inserts freezes at 58F/14°C and remains at that temperature for 2-3 hours while in use.  The quick phase change allows users to recharge the inserts cooling capability in 35-40 minutes by placing in a freezer or ice water.

Vest is sold with 4 phase changing inserts and a cooler/carry bag.  The carry bag will keep extra inserts charged for a day and can also be used at scenes as a receptacle to store ice/water to recharged inserts.

Vest is designed with:

  • Front Zipper

  • Adjustable side gusset for optimal fit on all body shapes

  • 100% cotton vest - provides comfort and washability

  • One set of 4 Cool Pax™ inserts included with each vest

  • Insulated cooler carrying bag included - helps keep Cool Pax™ colder longer

  • Sizes (Male): XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL, 3XL/4XL

  • Color: Royal Blue

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