Crime-lite® AUTO

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Full Spectrum UV-Vis-IR Camera with 55x Illumination Wavebands

Introducing the first in a new generation of forensic search and detection tools. Combining the latest forensic imaging technology with highintensity multi-spectral illumination, the new Crime-lite AUTO is a complete solution to the search, detection and capture of evidence. A compact handheld device, with the weight and feel of a pro-grade digital SLR camera, the Crime-lite AUTO can reveal evidence including, body fluids (semen, saliva, and urine etc.); blood on dark fabrics; fingerprints; gunshot residues; and traces of physical evidence (glass, fibres, hairs, etc.)

Crime-lite AUTO functions are carried out via an ‘App’ style interface using the system’s integrated multi-touch display: - Live video search and capture (AVI) - High-resolution capture of still images (BMP, TIFF, PNG, JPG) - Complete control of all camera settings - Complete control of all illumination settings - Manual or semi-automated ‘intelligent’ filter selection - Pull-out image gallery of all recent work - Live/stored image comparison - Save and Recall images with examination settings - Timestamp captured video and images - Export images and data to external USB - Option to connect secondary viewing monitor via HDMI


 - High sensitivity colour/IR camera

- Autofocus macro lens

- High resolution still images (5456x3632px)

- HDMI live video output


High intensity LED illumination ring: - UV 365nm, Violet 410nm, Blue 445nm, Blue Green 475nm, Green 520nm, Orange 590nm, Red 640nm

- 4x LED per wavelength - Combine LEDs to provide up to 55 combinations

- Brightness control function

2x Wide-angle LED illumination arms:

 - UV 365nm, White VIS, IR 850nm - 2x UV LED, 1x White LED, and 1xIR LED per arm

IMAGING FILTERS 9-position motorised filter wheel

- Longpass filters at: VIS, 455nm, 495nm, 550nm, 590nm, and 780nm

- Bandpass filters at: UV 315-380nm, 415nm, and 530nm

INTERFACE 7” multi-touch IPS TFT display Internal processor (no PC required) App’ style user interface WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity

Option Accessories

-Coaxial Box

-Oblique Light Ring

Brochure link: Crime-lite AUTO (

Brochure Link for Crime-lite Auto with Discover Lab Docking Station/Copy Stand: DISCOVER® | Foster + Freeman

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