Dedolight iRedZilla IR LED Light Head (960nm)

SKU: LI-9903

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The 960nm iRedZilla IR LED Light Head from Dedolight is an on-camera shoe-mountable infrared LED designed for shooting in low or no-light environments using a camera's night-shot function. The iRedZilla can illuminate a range of up to 130' and its beam angle can be adjusted between 4 and 56°. The LED light head is dimmable down to 5%. The light projected from the 960nm iRedZilla is invisible to the human eye.

The applications of the iRedZilla include night shooting, infrared photography, surveillance.


Focusable infrared illuminator from 4 to 56°

Even light distribution in all focusing positions

Dimmable down to 5%

Powers from any 6 to 18 VDC power source

Compatible with most night vision equipment

Dimming to 50% light output, decreases power consumption accordingly, resulting in twice the run time

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