Disklabs Duffel Shield 3 (65ltr) – RF Shielded Faraday Bag

DisklabsSKU: TC-9918

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The DS3 65ltr is a duffel-style holdall that can be used to secure a large quantity of electronics and ensure that contents can’t be tracked by any devices that have been hidden within them. It has a roll-down top that secures with clips, a carrying strap and handles. The internal measurements are 60x33x32cm.


Dimensions: 60cms x 30cms

Window: No

Strap or Handle: Yes


    • Shielding of large devices

    • Shielding of small devices

    • Storage of other Faraday Bags

    • Laptop Shielding

    • Tablet Shielding

    • Phone Shielding

    • ID Card Shielding

    • GPS/Sat Nav Shielding

    • Stops remote hacking attacks

    • Stops car key cloning

    • Passport Shielding

    • Gaming Devices

    • Credit Card and ID Card Shielding

    • Car Key Shielding

    • Drone Shielding

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