Disposable Shake-N-Cast Kit

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Disposable Shake-N-Cast™ Kit
This kit combines 4 of our popular pre-measured Shake-N-Cast™ pouches with 2 sets of our new Disposable Casting Frames—offering convenience, affordability and ease of use. Shake-N-Cast™ pouches contain proprietary gypsum casting material with an internal pre-measured water capsule. To use, just break the water capsule, knead and pour—no measuring required. Our new Disposable Casting Frames are made of durable COREX that can be easily removed and discarded after use. Kit allows you to cast either one large tire tread impression or two large footwear impressions—with no measuring or cleanup! Comes packaged in a cardboard container with internal zip-top bag.


• A complete impression casting kit

• No more mess, no more measuring, no more mixing bowls, no more guess work

• Simple to use

• Superior results

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