DNA Free Fingerprint Lifting Tape 2 inch x 120 inch

SirchieSKU: LT-2433

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Sirchie provides DNA144L2 DNA-free latent fingerprint lifting tape for use in lifting latent fingerprints from crime scenes.  This fingerprint lifting tape is certified DNA-free through independent testing.

Why are certified DNA-free products important?

  • Advances in collection methods allow for processing of touch DNA

  • Prevention of cross contamination

  • Proper sterilization techniques allow for certification of items to be free of DNA

Sirchie's DNA-free products can help in the preservation of the integrity of the investigation and aid in the efficient pursuit of justice.

This fingerprint lifting tape is treated using a scientifically proven DNA destroying process, that penetrates and decontaminates throughout, not just the surface.  Each lot is certified through third party testing to ensure each batch processed is DNA free.

All items are packaged to prevent contamination before use, and are meant to be used only once. These DNA free items provide the investigator with the tools to eliminate DNA cross contamination, but still process the scene with the tools that they require

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