Double Cardholder Fingerprint Taking Outfit w/PrintMatic Roller and Slab (Canadian Form Holder)

SirchieSKU: M-2401

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SIRCHIE®'s PrintMatic™ Fingerprint Taking Outfits feature the revolutionary PrintMatic™ pre-inked Porelon® ink roller. Even a beginner may obtain fingerprints of exceptional quality using one of these outfits. That’s because it is possible to roll a thin and very even ink layer with the PrintMatic™. In fact, it is almost impossible to over-ink a subject’s fingers or palms. The outfits are available with one or two cardholder(s) and feature a storage compartment for supplies. Place either outfit on a desk or table to achieve regulation height for rolling and recording prints, or use the brackets included with each to mount to the wall. A rugged, hinged storage container protects the PrintMatic™ roller when it is not in use.

The FPT275APIP Unit comes with:
1- FPT205 4“ x 10“ (10cm x 25cm Glass Inking Slab
1- FPT1C Super Cleaner Towelettes, 100 ea.
2- FPT263  Canadian  Fingerprint Cardholder
1- PIP100 PrintMatic™ Porelon® Fingerprint Ink Roller System

Unit Features:
• Cabinet Finish: Vinyl-clad, platinum (gray) and epoxy-painted, black
• Cabinet Material: Aluminum alloy
• Storage Compartment: Dimensioned for standard card storage
• Brackets: Included for optional wall mounting

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