Dual Purpose Fingerprint Powder (Fluorescent), 16 oz

SirchieSKU: P-2466

Colour: Dark
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Sirchie pioneered the use of fluorescent latent powders when it introduced these dual-purpose powders. Dual Purpose Black fingerprint powder is oxide in nature, and is therefore recommended for use on all oxide surfaces including painted wood or metal and most plastics. This unique formulation also contains a fluorescent compound that provides fluorescence when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. This is especially helpful when working on multi-colored backgrounds.


Dual Purpose White is an oxide powder and it contains a fluorescent substance that permits developed latent prints to be viewed under ultraviolet light. Viewing and photographing latent prints on multi-colored backgrounds are no longer a problem since a bright fluorescence is produced. Excellent contrast under normal lighting is also available on dark surfaces.

16 oz containers

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