Fluorescent Invisible Detection Paste/Clue Spray

SirchieSKU: M-2462

Color: Yellow
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Use detection paste in situations where powders and powder aerosols are inappropriate due to air circulation, air moisture content or where target object surface condition prohibits its application. Detection paste is suitable for outdoor applications. It is water-resistant and will remain transferable for prolonged periods of time. It has the consistency of ordinary automobile grease. Apply a thin film on target objects using disposable vinyl or latex gloves. Paste is excellent for use on door knobs, locks, alarm pulls, secure phones and vehicles both indoors and outdoors. Tube packaging allows for controlled application. Use with any SIRCHIE® longwave (UV) light.


Clue Spray™ is an invisible fluorescent powder packaged in an easy-to-use aerosol. Spray directly onto surfaces leaving a very fine film that blends easily on almost any object. When touched this film transfers to skin, clothing or other objects. Under normal light it’s buff color is almost invisible on a black or light-colored surface, but appears as a bright fluorescent green when exposed to longwave (UV) light. Use Clue Spray™ on carpets, tile, wood and just about any walking surface with limited access for tagging and tracing. Best used indoors as rain and wind can displace Clue Spray™.

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