Fume Care CA-PRO-90 CF Cyanoacrylate Cabinet

Fume CareSKU: L-9947

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The Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber is used to develop latent prints from any non-porous surface in a controlled and safe environment.

The recirculatory filtered design makes the unit ‘ready to use’ with no ducting required for it’s operation or set up. The Cyanoacrylate vapours are removed by an efficient carbon filter system which ensures that no dangerous substances are released in to the room. It’s ductless, mobile construction also allows the unit to be easily moved and transported.

The easy to use electronic control panel displays all parameters of the processing cycle and any adjustments to the presets can be quickly performed. A USB port is also fitted. Data at the end of each cycle is stored on an SD card which can be downloaded to a USB drive.

Cyanoacrylate is placed on a hot plate inside the chamber while evidence is easily positioned using the adjustable hanging rods. Starting the cycle triggers the automated system which controls the hotplate temperature, humidity, internal circulation fan, cycle time, lights, door position with lock and purge cycle with emergency overide stop.

The electronic control system includes easy on-screen functions to programme the Purge Cycle, Manual Contact Overide, Contact Time and RH Sensor settings which are easily calibrated and also allow different values to be set.

A UV Light Option is also available for de-contamination of the chamber, set times can be programmed using the existing control panel.

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