Identi-Hem (Presumptive Test-Human Blood)

Bluestar ForensicsSKU: H-0712

Size: 24 Tests
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BLUESTAR® Identi-HEM is a rapid, qualitative immunochromatographic test, in a device, for specific detection of human haemoglobin.

It is primarily intended for forensic technicians who have found blood stains on a crime scene and need to quickly check the human origin of the blood before eventually sending a sample to a lab for thorough analysis.

Highly sensitive, and very easy to use on a crime scene, Identi-HEM specifically reacts with human haemoglobin. A positive result indicates a strong likelihood for the presence of human blood. A lab analysis will later confirm or infirm this presumption.



The BLUESTAR® Identi-HEM test can detect very low quantities of haemoglobin.

After dilution into the extraction buffer, the minimum haemoglobin level detected by the BLUESTAR® Identi-HEM test is 0.01 µg/mL.

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