Identicator Prescan Pad, 3" x 4.5" for LiveScan

Forensic SourceSKU: A-2610

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When using “Live Scan” fingerprinting units, the resulting fingerprints are not always perfect. This can often be caused by individuals with worn ridge detail, or as a result of the skin not making good contact with the scanner glass. These problems can be eliminated by using PreScan Fingerprint Enhancers. PreScan pads feature a special ridge enhancing formula that accentuates the fingerprint detail of those with worn or light ridge detail. In addition, the special ceramic pad applies the perfect amount of solution to the skin to make the best contact between the finger and the scanner, every time.

  • Enhances fingerprint detail when used with "Live Scan" digital fingerprint units

  • Better contact between skin and scanner

  • Improves light ridge detail

  • Will not dry out

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