Iodine Fuming Kit

SirchieSKU: CH-2452

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The technique for iodine fuming is simple and will not interfere with subsequent processing, either powder or chemical. Iodine vapor is absorbed by latent fingerprint deposits when present and form a brown image. The developed print may be photographed, fixed or transferred to silver sheets. FUMETTE™ disposable iodine fuming guns make it possible to process any surface with iodine vapor anytime, anywhere.

LPF100 Iodine Fuming Kit includes:

8 - DF201 Fumette Disposable Iodine Fuming Guns

8 - DCA1 Iodine Print Enhancer Ampoules

2 - SP501 2" x 2" Silver Transfer Plates

1 - SP505 Silver Cleaner/Polish, 2 oz

1 - KCP226 Suction Cup Plate Holder

1 - LPF1001 Texturized, Molded-Plastic Carrying Case



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