Kjell Carlsson Photo Canvass

Kjell CarlssonSKU: PH-1503

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The Photo Canvas can easily be mounted onto the Mini Photo Station and the Photo Table or onto walls. Thread the canvas onto the steel profile and mount the profile onto the Photo Station/Table using three screws.

The canvases are sold in three different colours: grey, green and black. Each canvas has a rear side with an off-white colour. The rear side may also be used as a background for photography.   Kit includes (One canvas  in colours: grey, green or black;  rear side with an off-white colour; One canvas steel profile for use on Photo table/Mini Photo station or mounted on a wall, one canvas mount for canvas profile to Photo Table/Mini Photo station.
Dimensions: 105 x 130 cm (41 x 51 in).

The canvas may be ironed and machine washed. Wash it separate from other items. Dry the canvas by hanging it on the stainless steel profile.

When the photo canvas is not being used, simply roll it up around the profile and store in a suitable space.

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