KRIMESITE Master RUVIS Kit with Scan-N-Find

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This kit is an alternative to the Master RUVIS kit where the Scan-n-Find takes the place of the Cyclops unit. Some investigators prefer the single eye form and function of the Scan-n-Find. The kit offers the same efficiency as the other Master RUVIS kit in a different package.

This kit features:

  • The Krimesite Imager can be used in the laboratory and for photographing untreated latent fingerprints
  • The Scan-n-Find is ideal for the crime scene and helps find latent print evidence that is easily overlooked.

KSS60SNF Contents:

1- KRIMESITE™ IMAGER w/KSS100b 60mm UV Lens, 254nm Filter

1- KSS8997 Pocket Imager w/25mm Objective Lens, 254nm Filter



2- LTF102 Ballistic Laser Pointer w/batteries

1- Dual Filter Slide Assembly (Luminol/Visible and UV)

2- CR123 Lithium Battery

1- BTS100 Black Talon Stabilizer (U.S. Patent No. 7,050,715) w/2 CUV100TS 4-watt battery operated UV Lamps (254nm)

1- KRIMESITE™ IMAGER Steady Rest w/Removable Pistol Grip 2- 58mm Camera Adapter

1- KSS9200 SIRCHPOD® Copy Stand

1- CUV100TS UV Mini Light Source (4-watt 254nm shortwave, battery operated)

1- UVP600ST UV Panther AC/DC Shortwave Light, 254nm

2- 797GV UV Protection Spectacles

1- EPS30KS Photo Evidence Scales (white on black, 10-pk)

1- KSS684 Pkg. Arrow Designators (96/pk)

1- Operator’s Manual

1- Pelican® 1600 Carrying Case, Custom-fitted, moisture resistant, 21.51” (56.4cm) L x 16.54” (42cm) W x 7.99” (20.3cm) D

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