Laser Trajectory Finder Kit

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New and improved kit will help you get vital and accurate information as to the path of the bullet and ultimately, the location of its source. We’ve improved our lasers so you’ll have better and more accurate methods to determine bullet trajectories. The laser beam can help determine the direction and angle of the source or possible bullet impact sites. Key features of our new lasers include:

Increased accuracy laser will have no deviation over 150 yards
Rugged design for rough use. There’s a constant “ON” switch. You won’t have to deal with rubber grommets or o-rings that are easy to lose.  They come with a brass insert for threading to rods, making threading easier and reduces the risk of thread damage.

New lasers are compatible with both of our Laser Trajectory Finder Kit (LTF100) and our Advanced Laser Trajectory Finder Kit (LTF200). Along with the lasers, this kit includes all the tools necessary for shooting reconstruction. Use this kit in our Forensic Firearm and Toolmark Identification and Shooting Reconstruction class!

LTF100 Contents:

1 - LTF101 Ballistic Angle Finder
1 - LTF100RLZ Ballistic Laser Pointer Class IIIa with Batteries
1 - LTF103 Bullet Penetration Rods, Set of 4
1 - LTF104 Multi-Colored Photographic rods, Set of 6
1 - LTF105 Rod Connectors, Set of 2
1 - LTF106 Bullet Tips, Set of 2
1 - LTF107 Stringing Tips, Set of 2
1 - LTF108 Centering Cones, Set of 4
1 - LTF110 Universal Tripod Mount
1 - LTF111 Roll of Colored Trajectory String, 250'
1 - LTF100C High-Impact Carrying Case with Custom Foam Insert

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