Latent Print Powder Applicator Mitt - SwiftLift, 10/PK

Tri-TechSKU: B-2508

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The patent-pending Swift Lift Mitt is the latest breakthrough in latent print recovery. Its ergonomical design allows the investigating officer to dust a large area for latent prints in seconds rather than hours.

Utilizing Swift Lift, an investigating officer can dust the entire exterior of a car in under 90 seconds. Traditional brush methods can take upwards of 2 hours. With such labor savings, the Swift Lift is the most cost effective way to recover latent prints over large surface areas.

Swift Lift’s soft and supple design will not damage ridge detail of the latent print and, when used with our Atomic CRP powders, provides amazing adherence properties to the oils in latent prints. The Swift Lift is designed to be disposable so that DNA from one crime scene is not inadvertently transferred to another.

Note: Due to its soft material, Swift Lift is for use on smooth surfaces only.

10 Mitts per pack

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