MAGNUCLEI Magnetic Fingerprint Powder 1 oz 30 ml

SirchieSKU: P-2475

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MAGNUCLEI™ Magnetic Latent Print Powder is the result of years of research and development. SIRCHIE®'s regular magnetic powders are already the best available, but there was a need for a dual purpose powder for finer dusting applications. MAGNUCLEI™ utilizes powders that have been milled to average particle sizes that are less than half the size of regular magnetic powders. This powder is very effective on glass, plastic, wood, ceramic, and metallic surfaces — use on paper surfaces without leaving dark backgrounds. It works well on imitation and genuine leather if developed within a short time of being handled. (Application of MAGNUCLEI™does not interfere with ninhydrin, DFO, or other chemical treatments.)

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