Metric 2-Sided Folding Angle and Ruler- 33cm x 67cm Angle or 100cm Vertical Ruler

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The Metric 2-Sided Folding Angle and Ruler measuring tools are designed to serve multiple frame-of-reference applications, and are designed with a different reading style on each side. On one side, the bottom piece of this folding ruler will be turned 90° to create an x- and y-axis and become a measuring angle, or corner square, and when you flip it to the other side, the three pieces line up to create a long vertical up reading ruler, which starts with a true zero edge.

These Large Graduated Folding Angles and Rules are constructed of a semi-rigid plastic approximately 1/16” thick.  The 3-Piece units are hinged to fold every 35cm of length, and the hinges are built tight enough so that they keep the shape they are positioned into.

Each of section of these rules are 1 1/2” wide and designed with large enough numbers to be seen from great distances.  The bold black and yellow graphics are used to create contrast for optimum viewing in both photographs and in the field.

These tools are incredibly durable and portable.  Units are constructed with folding angles joined together with 3/16” diameter brass eyelets and fold down into a more transportable shape: approximately 1 1/2” wide x 3/16” thick x 15” long.  The Large Graduated Folding Angles and Rules are rustproof and waterproof, as well.  Each of these angles/rules is top coated for a true non-glare photographic surface, which also adds extra chemical protection

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