MF Forensic Light System

FoxFurySKU: LI-5114

Wavelength: 850 nm
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FoxFury MF Forensic Light System is a rechargeable, waterproof, LED light for forensics

Available wavelengths:

365nm, 470 nm, 495 nm, 525 nm, 850 nm, All-in-One (470nm, 495nm, 525nm, 850nm, White) 

Built to Last

This highly durable flashlight is made of high quality aluminum. It can withstand physical impact and is suitable for use underwater.
  • Anti-Roll Head
One of the last things you want to experience at a crime scene is having your flashlight roll (especially off a surface) as that means you risk contaminating the scene. This flashlight's rectangular anti-roll head prevents this from happening.

  • Easy to Clean  

Looking for evidence can be a messy job and you don't want to contaminate future scenes. This forensic light is fully waterproof and can be easily cleaned and disinfected after each use.

Rechargeable Battery System

High-power LEDs require higher-powered batteries to work. The MF comes equipped with a Li-ion rechargeable battery system. It comes with an adaptor so that the light can be plugged directly into the wall rather than having to remove the batteries in order to charge.

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