MPF Stringer Rule

SKU: R-0855

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This item reinvents the common roll tape into a large-scale frame of reference for forensic photography.  While rolled up compactly, any MPF Stringer Rule can easily fit into a shirt pocket. Unfurl it to reveal an impressive flat weatherproof ruler. Each end is anchored with easy grip handles and includes a hole for securing the rule to fixed objects, like being able to hang the unit vertically as if it were a staff gauge. Each MPF Stringer Rule is printed with our Optirectilinear® graphics, which are markings that allow measurements to be easily read from long distances, up to 40 feet away. The black printing on a white background provide the optimum contrast for any photo.

The MPF Stringer Rule is made of a tough, stretch-resistant, vinyl fiber that allows the unit to keep its form and provide accurate measurements no matter how much it is used. These materials also allow the unit to be waterproof and easily cleaned. Grips are made of an impact-resistant plastic with stainless steel screws. Each MPF Stringer Rule comes in a convenient zip-lock bag for storing. MPF Stringer Rules are each 3 1/4" wide.

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