Mystaire Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber

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The patented* recirculation filtration system with precise process controls for time, temperature and humidity put Mystaire CA chambers in a class of their own.

The CA Series is constructed from powder coated aluminum with an automatically locking safety glass viewing door. Microprocessor control allows the operator to set fuming cycle time and relative humidity levels between 50-80%.


    • The evidence technician can set fume cycle time and relative humidity via the simple-to-use microprocessor controller

    • During the fume and purge process the aluminum door automatically locks to prevent exposure to potentially harmful cyanoacrylate fumes

    • Our exclusive, patented* filtration process ensures potentially hazardous cyanoacrylate fumes, that are generated during the fuming process, are effectively removed during the purge cycle

    • The cyanoacrylate-laden chamber air is not exhausted into the room like other brands of cyanoacrylate fuming chambers

    • The air is recirculated through a specially blended activated gas phase carbon filtration bed until the cyanoacrylate fumes are removed

    • Our patented* method for capturing potentially harmful cyanoacrylate fumes is more effective than the single-pass filtration method incorporated by other chamber designs

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