Photo Table (Copy Stand)

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The photo table is developed by experts with long experience in forensic investigation and photography. The basic idea behind the development was to create a photo table for most types of photographic methods within the forensic area with a limit of equipment, space and cost. In this short paper, you will find some pictures showing some examples of the photo table in use.

New Stronger Light System for our Photo table – The light system for the photo table now includes four 12 volt lamps of LED type (7 x 3 W). This light type gives a spotlight effect and is suitable for photographing shoeprints. If you want a softer light for your photographing, put a diffusion filter in front of the lamp. Each lamp comes with a diffusion filter.

New ergonomic design of the Camera Stand – The camera stand has a new construction. Now you change the level of the camera faster, more easy and much more comfortable.

Specification and equipment

• 100 cm x 65 cm x 75 cm (height), total height including camera stand 180 cm
• Glass plate for dark-field lighting 50 x 50 cm
• White opal board 50 x 50 cm

• Four LED lamps with 21 Watt (7 x 3 Watt) in each 12 volt
• Four Diffusion filters
• One Polarization filter
• One LED lamp 3 Watt with projected light lens
• Two lamp arms for quick mounting in various positions
• Lamp stand (floor model) for longer light distance
• White opal board for white under light

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