Ready Ridge Fingerprint Rehydration Solution, 4 oz

Tri-TechSKU: m-2512

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TRITECHFORENSICS' Ready Ridge Fingerprint Rehydration Solution produces better ridge detail for the fingerprinting of both living and deceased individuals with faster results using a patent-pending rehydration technology developed by KDL Solutions. Ready Ridge is a clear, odorless, non-toxic, and completely non-volatile solution. It may be heated to achieve even better results.

For the deceased, Ready Ridge Fingerprint Rehydration Solution acts as both a soaking agent and an injectable tissue rehydration fluid for mummified friction ridge skin. For the living, Ready Ridge Fingerprint Rehydration Solution acts as a non-toxic topical solution for application directly to the fingerprint ridge detail of living subjects. There is no need (and it should never be attempted) to inject Ready Ridge into living subjects.

A simple spray of Ready Ridge provides quick and effortless ridge detail improvement for all your fingerprinting needs. Simply spray the solution onto the subject's hands prior to fingerprinting. The subject should rub the solution over the intended ridge detail and sufficient time should be allowed for the solution to absorb into the skin tissue (absorption time is dependent on existing tissue hydration levels.

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