Reconstruction Protractors - Single or Dual-Quadrant - 90º or 180º

Tri-TechSKU: M-2510

Radius: 180 (Dual Quadrant Reconstruction Protractor)
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Our Reconstruction Protractors are designed to be used in the reconstruction of blood spatter and projectile trajectory evidence. They are offered in two sizes for ease of use in any situation. Each Protractor includes easy-to-read degree markings along the edge in bold black lettering indicating impact angles. They are constructed of heavy gauge plastic with an extra thick base to ensure stability and orientation perpendicular to the reference surface. The zero-edge feature provides for direct angular measurement without tedious compensation calculations.

Our large Dual-Quadrant (180°) Reconstruction Protractor measures 12” in length and includes one sturdy base at the bottom of the unit. The Single-Quadrant Reconstruction Protractor (90°) measures 6” in length and includes a base on either side of the unit to simplify measurements taken in corners or other tight spots.

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