Regular Porelon Postmortem Kit

SirchieSKU: M-24151

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This kit contains all the necessary components for the fingerprinting of the deceased prior to the onset of rigor mortis. It is also useful for fingerprinting the infirm. Kit includes ink cleaning towelettes and components are housed in a rugged, compact, polypropylene case. This kit DOES NOT contain finger straighteners.

PMFT01 Contents:

12 - FC345L1 Postmortem Record Strips, Left Hand, Standard

12 - FC345R1 Postmortem Record Strips, Right Hand, Standard

1 - PM283 Postmortem Inking Tool

12 - FPT1C1 Super Cleaner Towelettes

1 - PMNS60 Postmortem Record Strip Holder

1 - KCP152 Molded, Polypropylene Case

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