Rofin Polilight PL500 UV-Vis (IR NOT Included)

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Polilight® PL500

The Polilight®PL500 delivers far more optical power than any other forensic light source currently available. The 500-Watt Xenon lamp has a typical life of 3000 hours and a minimum life of at least 1000 hours. All filters are automatically selected at the touch of a single button on the front of the instrument. The selected band is shown on a digital display, as is the extent of filters and output power tuning. The Polilight®PL500 is housed in an aluminium case with corner bumpers to give shock protection. A reinforced carry-case is provided for easy transportation of the Polilight®PL500 and its accessories. The new Polilight®PL500 has 12 bands in the UV/Visible range, with an available IR option. The power supply has been redesigned to accept any input AC voltage from between 85 and 265V and at any frequency between 50-60Hz.

    • Over 3x the power of previous Polilight® modelsLatent Forensic

    • Smaller and lighter for easy portability

    • More visible filters from which to select

    • Intelligent unit power supply for all world locations

    • Microprocessor-controlled push button filter selection

    • Filter tuning and output power tuning

    • Option for remote control of all operations

Included wavelengths:

    • 400–680nm White light band

    • 280nm General searching (footprints)

    • 350nm Ultra violet band 80nm General searching (stains)

    • 415nm Violet (blood filter) 40nm Blood prints, splatter, gunshot residue

    • 450nm Blue 100nm General searching (semen, urea, fibres)

    • 470nm Blue 40nm General searching (Ninhydrin prints)

    • 490nm Blue 40nm General (semen, urea, fibres)

    • 505nm Blue/Green 40nm Superglue and Ninhydrin treated prints

    • 530nm Green 40nm DFO treated prints, background reduction

    • 555nm Green/Orange 27nm DFO treated prints, background reduction

    • 590nm Orange 40nm Ninhydrin prints, background reduction

    • 620nm Orange/Red 40nm Ninhydrin prints, background reduction

    • 650nm Red 40nm Ninhydrin prints, background reduction

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