RTC360 3D Laser Scanner

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The RTC360 is the fastest laser scanner on the market with the ability to complete a scan in as little as 26 seconds.  In January 2019 Latent Forensic Services and Leica Canada tested this scanner over a two day period in Whitehourse, Yukon.  9 scans were completed in 26 minutes (including scan and set-up time with a resolution of 6mm at 10 m).  The scans completed on the first day were conducted at -26 degrees C and on the second day the scans were completed at -36 degrees C with a -41 windchill factor.


Leica RTC360 Product Specifications:


  • High-speed 3D laser scanner with integrated HDR spherical imaging system and Visual Inertial System (VIS) for real time registration;


  • Data acquisition < 2 min for complete full dome scan and spherical HDR image at 6mm @ 10m resolution
  • Real time registration Automatic point cloud alignment based on real time tracking of scanner movement between setups based on Visual Inertial System (VIS) by video enhanced inertial measurement unit;
  • Double scan Automatic removal of moving object;


  • Distance measurement High-speed, high dynamic time of flight enhanced by Waveform Digitizing (WFD) technology
  • Laser Class 1- (in accordance with IEC 60825-1:2014), 1550nm (invisible)
  • Field-of view -360° (horizontal) / 300° (vertical)
  • Range- Min. 0.5 -up to 130 m
  • Speed- Up to 2‘000‘000 pts / sec
  • Resolution-3 user selectable settings (3/6/12m @ 10m)
  • Accuracy*- Angular accuracy 18 Range accuracy 1.0 mm + 10 ppm 3D point accuracy

1.9 mm @ 10 m
2.9 mm @ 20 m
5.3 mm @ 40 m

  • Range noise- 0.4 mm @ 10 m, 0.5 mm @ 20 m


  • Camera 36 MP 3-camera system captures 432 MPx raw data for calibrated 360° x 300° spherical image
  • Speed 1 minute for full spherical HDR image at any light condition
  • HDR Automatic, 5 brackets


  • Visual Inertial System Video enhanced inertial measuring system to track movement of the scanner position relative to the previous setup in real time
  • Tilt IMU based, Accuracy: 3‘ for any tilt
  • Additional sensors Altimeter, Compass, GNSS


  • On scanner Touch-screen control with finger touch, full colour WVGA graphic display 480 x 800 pixels
  • Mobile devices Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 app for iPad or Android tablets including:

– Remote control of scan functions
– 2D & 3D data viewing
– Tagging
– Automatic alignment of scans

  • Wireless Integrated wireless LAN (802.11 b/g/n)
  • Data storage Leica MS256, 256GB exchangeable USB 3.0 flash drive


  • Housing Aluminium frame and sidecovers
  • Dimensions: 120mm x 240mm x 230mm / 4.7″ x 9.4″x 9.1″
  • Weight 5.35kg / 11.7 lbs, nominal (w/obatteries)
  • Mounting mechanism Quick mounting on 5/8“ stub on lightweight tripod / optional tribrach adapter / survey tribrach adapter available


  • Internal battery 2 x Leica GEB361 internal, rechargeable Li-Ion batteries.
    Duration: Typically up to 4 hours Weight: 340 g per battery
  • External Leica GEV282 AC adapter


  • Operating temperature -5° to +40° C  (Tested by Latent Forensics in Whitehorse, YT in  2019 at -36 degrees C and confirmed device was fully functional during the 26 min test with 9 scan positions).
  • Storage temperature -40° to +70° C
  • Dust/Humidity*** Solid particle/liquid ingress protection IP54 (IEC 60529)


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