Rubber-Jell Lifting Tape Kit

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The Rubber-Jell™ Lifting Tape Kit provides alternative methods for developing, dusting, and lifting latent prints. Use either magnetic or regular silver/black latent powder for dusting fumed or unfumed latent prints. Then, lift dusted prints with SIRCHIE®'s transparent lifting tape or Rubber-Jell™ lifting tape. Rubber-Jell™ Lifting Tape is specially made to conform to most surfaces— smooth, textured, painted, rough, round, and many others. Once the prints have been lifted, secure them with either black or white backing cards. The opposite side of these 3" x 5" backing cards provides an area for case information and includes an area for a rough sketch of the location of the latent print.

Included in the RJL100:

1 - 144LRJ 1.5" x 60" Rubber-Jell Lifting Tape

1 - 144L 1.5" x 360" Clear Lift Tape

1 - 123LW White Marabou Feather Duster

1 - 125MD Megawand Magnetic Applicator

1 - FPT262A 3" Fingerprint Ink Roller

1 - 317P 3" Magnifier

1 - SBM9 Silver/Black Magnetic Powder, 1 oz

1 - SB201L Silver/Black Latent Powder, 2 oz

2 - CNA3000 Cyano-Shot Latent Print Developing System

40 - LPB1001 3" x 5" Backing/Sketch Cards, Black

40 - LPW1001 3" x 5" Backing/Sketch Cards, White

1 - RJL1001 Black, Molded, Copolymer Carrying case

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