Scene Guard Photography Barrier (6' x 40")

SirchieSKU: M-2449

Style: Barrier 6' x 40 " (h)
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The new SCGD20 Scene Guard Photography Barrier builds on it's predecessor with improvements based on feedback from the field.

Preserving and protecting an outdoor crime scene is one of the first duties of investigators. Part of that responsibility is preventing the public from viewing what may be a shocking scene. SCENE GUARD is a portable, rapidly assembled privacy screen that effectively shields the scene from public view, and allows medical personnel and investigators to operate more securely.

Only one person is required to erect SCENE GUARD and no tools are required. Simply connect the pieces of the heavy duty PVC structure and slip the weather resistant, highly durable nylon cover into place. The sturdy, wind-resistant assembly can be used outdoors or indoors, including any public areas where privacy and security are required.

New features include:

  • Male/female velcro extensions on the sides so multiple Scene Guards can be connected together

  • Corner slots to make it easier to get the nylon cover over the pipes

  • Ability to use with Scene Guard height extension to increase height to 6'6" tall and/or with Scene Guard light kits

No. SCGD20 Scene Guard includes:

2- Weighted Support Feet

2- Support Legs.

2- Cross Supports

1- Nylon Screen 6' x 40“

1- Nylon Carrying Case with Handgrips

2- Extension Clips

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