Search Detective Pocket Latent Kit

SirchieSKU: B-2417

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SIRCHIE®'s Latent Print Field Kits offer a combination of many of the most widely used latent print development products available. The products in these kits are of the highest quality and are designed to best accommodate the needs and requirements of crime scene investigators. The kits vary according to the numerous functions performed by crime scene investigators and range from the very modest to very complex. This kit is an effective kit which fits comfortably in a shirt or coat pocket. It is used for on-the-spot latent print searches and development.


157LA includes:

1 - 101L4 Black Latent Powder, 0.5 oz

1 - 103L4 White Latent Powder, 0.5 oz

2 - 131LT1 2" x 4" Transparent Hinge Lifters

2 - 131LW1 2" x 4" White Hinge Lifters

2 - 131LB1 2" x 4" Black Hinge Lifters

2 - 118L Regular Powder Brushes

1 - KCP112 Straight Handle Magnifier, 3X

1 - KCP119 Molded, Acrylic Carrying case

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