Search Rod (2 M Measuring Rod)

SirchieSKU: R-2407

size: Metric
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Originally designed for use by surveyors, the SEARCH® Rod is a semi-rigid measuring tape that is rapidly finding its way into crime scene and traffic investigation kits. This handy tool is available in inches or metric units with the numbers on one side printed in black-on white and the other with red-on-white— offering outstanding photographic contrast. The standard SEARCH® Rod is 6.5’ long and 7/8" wide. The metric version is 2 meters long and 2.3cm wide. The tape stores in a high impact plastic case and pulls out completely— giving you a simple, efficient measuring tool. When you’re finished, just push the tape back into the case. Measure from the ground or floor up with ascending numbers. The standard version has reversed printing every other foot giving a clear indication of the measurement—even from a distance. The metric version uses large numbers to indicate a point every 10cm with every 20cm on the red side in reversed printing.

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