SEARCH Tactical Master Latent Print Investigation Kit

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This is the ultimate in design for carrying multiple processing supplies to the scene with all the necessary accessories and tools. This kit features supplies for every method of processing crime scenes for latent prints, including the finest selection of fingerprint powders, both regular and magnetic, an excellent selection of brushes, and Mikrosil™. All the necessary support components are included to aid in producing the desired result—latent print development. Kit includes a removable foam insert for securing and protecting powder jars.

TLK500 contents :

Modular latent print processing:

FAC 1000 - FACII ®+2 Latent Print Kit, which contains:

1– FAC 101 FACII ® Powder Brush Delivery System, Silk black

1– FAC 103 FACI ® Powder Brush Delivery System, white

12– 130LT1 SEARCH® Hinge Lifter, 1.5" x 2" transparent

4– 131LB1 SEARCH® Hinge Lifter, 2" x 4" black

4– 131LT1 SEARCH® Hinge Lifter, 2" x 4" transparent

4– 131LW1 SEARCH® Hinge Lifter, 2" x 4" white


Magnetic latent print processing:

1– M114L Magnetic Latent Print Powder, Regular Black, 1oz. (30ml)

1– M116L Magnetic Latent Print Powder, White, 1oz. (30ml)

1– M117L Magnetic Latent Print Powder, Gray, 1oz. (30ml)

1– SBM9 Magnetic Latent Print Powder, Silver/Black, 1oz. (30ml)

1– 125L Standard Magnetic Powder Applicator


Latent Print Powders: Reorder no. MLP511PR

1– 101L Silk black latent powder, 2oz. (59ml)

1– 103L White latent powder, 2oz. (59ml)

1– C BG203L Coin Box/Galvanic latent powder, 2oz. (59ml)

1– SB201L Silver/black latent powder, 2oz. (59ml)

1– SG202L Silver/Gray Latent Print Powder, 2oz. (59ml)

1– SR301L Silver/red latent powder, 2oz. (59ml)


Latent Print Brushes:

4– 122L1 Kit Size Fiberglass Latent Print Brush

2– C FB100 SEARCH® Carbosmoove I Brush


Fingerprint lifters: Reorder No. MLP511LR

1– 144L Lifting Tape, Transparent, 1.5" x 360"

1– 145L Lifting Tape, Frosted, 1.5" x 360"

1– 144L4 Lifting Tape, Transparent, 4" x 360"

1– 133LTWB SEARCH® Hinge Lifters Super Assortment

1– 127LB Rubber gel lifters: 2" x 4" black, 12/pack

1– 127LW Rubber gel lifters: 2" x 4" white, 12/pack

1– L B0021 SEARCH® Lifted Print Backing Cards 50/pad


Chemical Processing: Reorder No. MLP511CR

1– NSI609 Special Formula Ninhydrin Spray, 8oz. (240ml)

1– SLPS300 Silver Latent Spray, 8oz. (240ml)

1– DFS200P DFO Spray Pump, 100ml

1– DF2016 Fumette™ Disposable Iodine Fuming Gun, 6 ea.

1– DCA 16 SEARCH® Iodine Print Enhancers, 6 ea.

1– C NA2000 "The Finder™" Cyanoacrylate Developing System 5 ea.


Fingerprint taking and elimination:

1– PFP700 PrintMatic™ Flawless Ink Pad

1– FPT270A Elimination Fingerprint Pad, 50 sheet

24– FPT1C1 Super cleaner towelettes


Support Components:

1– 317P Fingerprint magnifier, 3” (7.6cm) dia.

1– KCP115 Penlight w/ 2X AA batteries

1– 600E Photo Evidence Rule Tape, 1/2" x 30' (1.3cm x 12.7m)

1– 603E Evidence Identification Tape, 1" x 30’ (2.5cm x 12.7m)

1– KCP114 Retractable measuring tape, 6’ (2m)

1– EPS30W Photo Evidence Rulers, 6" (15cm), 10 ea.

1– KCP110 Scissors

1– KCP116 Pocket Notebook w/pen

1– 611E Black evidence marker

1– KCP145 White china marker

1– MCM100B Mikrosil™ brown putty 7oz. (200gm) w/catalyst

1– MCM100W Mikrosil™ white putty 7oz. (200gm) w/catalyst


Evidence Bags:

12– 621E1 SEARCH® Heat Seal Evidence Bags, 4" x 10" (10.2cm x 25.4cm)

8– 622E1 SEARCH® Heat Seal Evidence Bag, 8" x 12" (20.3cm x 30.5cm)

10– IEB40001 Integrity Evidence Bags, 4" x 7.5" (10.2cm x 19cm)

10– IEB75001 Integrity Evidence Bag, 7.5" x 10.5" (19cm x 26.7cm)

10– IEB12001 Integrity Evidence Bag, 12" x 15.5" (30.5cm x 39.4cm)


Optional BLUEMAXX™ Module:

1– BM250A 3watt BLUEMAXX™ light source

1– BMS300 BLUEMAXX™ Barrier Filter Goggles

1– LL 701 REDescent™ Fluorescent Latent Print Powder, 2oz.

1– 118L SEARCH® Regular Powder Brush


Tactical Bag:

• 9” x 18” x 10” main compartment

• 6” x 16” x 7” removable tote and nylon bag with two side zipper pockets

• Eight tube holders in large padded external pocket

• Padded side pockets in main compartment to accommodate and protect supplies

• Durable nylon carrying handles with Velcro closure

• Removable shoulder strap with heavy duty clips

• 6””, double zippered main compartment closure flap with Velcro closure

• Water bottle holder

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