Sirchie DFO Development Control Chamber

SirchieSKU: L-2402

Size: 2.72 cubic ft
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  • These are controlled heat chambers designed specifically to accelerate the development of DFO-treated latent prints. DFO is a fluorescence agent which attaches to fingerprint residues on paper and other porous surfaces and causes them to emit light when suitably viewed. It has been found to develop up to two and a half times the number of prints developed by ninhydrin. Although DFO-treated prints will slowly develop unaided, research has shown that they can be accelerated safely and significantly by the judicious application of heat. The DFC100 conforms to the findings of current research by independent forensic investigators and laboratories to provide an optimum acceleration environment. For efficiency, chambers are designed to allow for the hanging of multiple documents. Removable shelves allow for the development of items not easily hung. Observation through the double-pane, tempered glass door allows monitoring of development without disturbing the controlled atmosphere of the development chamber. The state of development can sometimes be judged by observing visual indicators, but is most accurately judged using fluorescence techniques.  The DFC100 features solid-state, single set point temperature controllers with a digital readout. Although pre-set for optimum DFO development, the temperature is easily adjusted to meet individual needs. Efficient, high-temperature insulation surrounds the oven chambers while automatic cutoff at 220°F reduces the possibility of damage to sensitive papers.

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