Sirchie Powder (Heavy/Indestructible-Black, White, Grey)

SirchieSKU: P-2449

Colour: Indestructible White
Size: 16 oz
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Heavy Black

When it comes to the weather, drastic conditions require drastic measures. Using regular oxide powders in breezy or windy conditions often results in more powder becoming airborne than is deposited on the surface. Heavy powders are formulated with metallic components that add weight but take nothing away from efficiency. Add the fact that both metallic and oxide properties are present, Heavy Black does a good job on painted or plated surfaces. For best contrast use Heavy Black on light-colored surfaces.

Indestructible White

Indestructible White is the whitest of white fingerprint powders available on the market today from any source. The consistent quality and texture of Indestructible White Fingerprint Powder assure the best possible results on dark, non-porous surfaces. Micro-milled to perfection, Indestructible White has a superior affinity to the weakest of skin secretions

Heavy Gray Fingerprint Powder

Light or dark backgrounds are not a big concern when using Heavy Gray fingerprint powder. It is ideal for conditions when airborne powder is a concern due to its unique formulation of metallic compounds as well as some oxide qualities. Use this powder on painted or plated surfaces of either light or dark coloration without fear of damaging fragile latent prints. Heavy Gray will adhere to the smallest amount of latent print residue

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