Sirchie Silk Fingerprint Power

SirchieSKU: P-2445

Colour: Grey
Size: 16 oz
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Silk Black 

The most popular of our oxide latent powders, Silk Black features micro-milling to assure the finest quality, and is one of the most versatile powders available.

Sirchie has followed this same formulation for more than sixty years, which attests to its popularity. Use Silk Black on non-porous surfaces such as: painted wood, metal, and most plastic surfaces. This powder offers superior contrast on light-colored surfaces.

Silk Grey

Excellent for processing both light and dark surfaces, Silk Gray features the same micro-milling manufacturing process as Silk Black, but it offers the flexibility of a multi-use means of developing latent prints on many non-porous surfaces. Silk Gray offers super sensitivity to minute skin secretions and its consistent quality produces consistent results.

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