SirchSil Evidence Recovery Kit

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A truly powerful, versatile lifting kit for latent prints, toolmarks, and more.  The PVS200 (polyvinyl siloxane) offers a unique method of mixing and applying liquid silicone for the collection of tool marks, bite marks, blood prints and even developed latent fingerprints.

An on-going problem with many silicone recovery methods is proper mixing of compound and catalyst. The PVS200 eliminates the mess and the guesswork by automatically mixing the exact proportions needed. Just squeeze the trigger and the two compounds are forced through a mixing tip and are dispensed onto the surface.

This incredible formula is the perfect method for lifting powdered latent prints from textured, irregular or curved surfaces. The transparent formula enables direct viewing of the print. Opaque formulas produce a reversed image. In many instances, transparent prints may be placed directly onto a flatbed scanner and scanned into a computer.


1-    PVS200EG Extruder Gun

24-  PVS200N1 Mixing Nozzles

12-  PVS200NT1 Spreader Tips

1-    PVSS200WH White Cartridge, 75ml

1-    PVSS200BN Brown Cartridge, 75ml

1-    PVSS200TR Transparent Cartridge, 75ml

10-  PVS200AS Applicator Sticks

1-    Molded Plastic Carrying Case w/pre-cut insert;
        Dimensions: 14” x 10” x 3 5/8” (35.5 x 25.4cm x 9.2cm) Weight: 2.85 lbs. (1.3kg)

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