SirchStand Forensic Photography Stand

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The SirchStand™ is a high quality, versatile, and portable copy stand for forensic photography. It features an easy to adjust column, allowing one hand operation to raise and lower the camera. The base is magnetic, finished in a matte black, and etched with a 1 cm square grid for scaling. The stand also features flexible arms both on the base and on the camera mount where our TMX LED forensic lights (white, UV 365nm and 455nm blue) can be used for oblique light photography, or with camera filters for photographing bodily fluid stains, enhanced cyanoacrylate fuming results, or fluorescent powder developed latent prints.

The unit is sturdy, able to support most mid-range to large cameras (maximum weight of 3 lbs.), and guarantee a 90-degree angle to the object. Even with all of these robust features, the stand is very mobile. It weighs 22 lb., and has an easy to remove column, so it can be taken directly to the crime scene or to the Medical Examiner’s office.

SirchStand™ is the copy stand built with the forensic photographer in mind, making forensic photography that much easier.

Note: The SirchStand supports cameras weighing up to 3 lbs. While this includes most DSLRs, some larger, professional cameras with large lenses and battery grips attached will exceed this 3 lb. limit.


1- SirchStand™ Forensic Photography Stand 
2- 55K White LED, black anodized aluminum with rechargeable battery
2- 365nm UV LED, black anodized aluminum with rechargeable battery
2- 455nm LED, black anodized aluminum with rechargeable battery
1- No. PGE4 Light Absorbing Material, 18” x 13.5” (45.7cm x 34.3cm), 4 each 
1- No. FXMAG4 Magnets, 4 each 
1- Four-position Battery Charger

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